I keep doing it too and OH GOD I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT I CAN’T STOP. I think sometimes people reach a point with some media that we’ll take anything in the universe no matter how awful it is.

like the show is way down on my list of shows like waaaaaay down the list but I still try to keep up for the most part and I kept hearing about all the mess ups and wank and I was like welp now I gotta catch up and I caught up on all my other shows so 

but damn this show is bad like it’s just a pile of wasted potential and crap treatment for the ladies, and bad writing like since shield isn’t anything anymore can it just be canceled so we could get our peggy carter mini-series? 


jaimie foxx wears a trayvon martin shirt to the BET awards.

the headlines:




macklemore mentions trayvon martin during his acceptance speech at the AMA awards.

the headlines:




the message: PoC are racist crybabies until a white knight notices the issue and plays champion.

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catching up with aos and god this show is so terrible so so so terrible and it had so much potential but god this show is so bad

Fetishizing ‘power’ in women characters – having them kicking ass and always being ready with a putdown - isn’t the same as writing them as human beings.

Jack Graham, in Stephen Moffat - A Case For The Prosecution, a guest post on Philip Sandifer’s blog (via linnealurks)

bigbardafree says the first thing I thought of when I saw this quote.

(via likindimbuns)

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Captain Marvel
Volume 8
Issue 2


fangirl challenge: [2/10] female characters => peggy carter

I know a little of what that’s like. To have every door shut in your face.
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Spider-Man 2 - A Warning


Saw the movie today, I loved it with a few quibbles. But be careful, there is a point where there’s a quick flashing scenes that could trigger photosensitive epilepsy. I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure it’s enough for that, it took me aback and made me aback and google is telling me I’m probably right.

So I thought I’d give people a heads up.

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I’ve noticed a startling trend with my favorite characters that includes

  1. death
  2. mistreatment within the narrative 

this really sucks

"What’s her name again?"

"Sharon. She’s nice."

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do you think nezumi was attracted to/in love with shion?


I s2g you nezushi anons aren’t really asking questions but are purposefully baiting me to write lengthy meta for the sake of it, YOU CAN’T FOOL ME

anyway though

I’m going to be blunt and say that if anyone can go through this series - in any incarnation, the manga, the novels, the anime - if you follow No. 6 from start to finish and don’t come to the conclusion that Nezumi loves Shion more than he knows what to do with, you’re objectively wrong and probably straight.

(I’m using the novels for this analysis, and will mention some events that don’t happen in the anime jsyk)

Shion’s feelings for Nezumi are more immediately obvious, like ‘his crush can be seen from the blackest depths of outer space’ obvious:

Shion gazed into Nezumi’s eyes, and laid his own fingers over the ones that grasped his bicep. He wasn’t clinging out of desperation. He wasn’t giving in to complete reliance. He only wanted to make sure.

This is where my heart is. I was human when my heart was stolen by him, and I was human when I longed to be by his side. And this fact won’t change, no matter what name I give to these feelings.

(vol 4, ch 4)

Shion, of course, is a lot more in tune with his emotions. He immediately accepted that he cared about Nezumi and never tried to pretend otherwise.

But Nezumi is an emotionally constipated childhood trauma survivor with a deep-seated fear of other people and of being emotionally close to other people. Shion is the first person to truly reach out to Nezumi, and Shion is the first person who Nezumi ever reached out to in return. He has no prior experience with genuine unconditional love - save for those first four years of life in the Mao Village, those memories lost to time and to the fire.

He doesn’t know how to process it, so he views Shion as a threat. He’s afraid of Shion because Shion holds power over him, and Shion holds power over him not because Shion loves him, but because Nezumi loves him back. Otherwise, Shion caring about Nezumi would mean nothing to him.

If Shion was some person he had no attachment to, why would he care how Shion felt? Why would he feel threatened by it?

Four years ago, on that stormy night ― yes, on the night he had first met Shion ― No. 6 had been in the midst of a hurricane. He still remembered, ever so vividly, the window flung open as if to invite him in; twelve-year-old Shion as he poked his face out; You’re hurt, aren’t you? I’ll treat your wound’ ― words that he had never expected; the satisfied smile that had spread over Shion’s face the moment he had completed the suture; the sweetness of the cocoa; the delicious taste of the cherry cake; the comfort of the bed; the sound of quiet, slumbering breaths right beside him as he awoke the next morning ― he couldn’t forget any of it, no matter how hard he tried. Even when he tried to discard it, he could never quite bring himself to.

Each and every miraculous occurrence of that night still remained with him as tangible sensations, never fading in the least over the four years until now.

Did people call them memories? A mental record? Or did they call it fate?

It was easy enough to laugh at people, calling them indulgent and weak, when they accepted others unconditionally and tried to save them. Indeed, as a result of taking Nezumi in, Shion had lost almost all of his privileges and fortune.

How much easier things would have been if he was able to dismiss Shion with a condescending laugh, this naive boy, this petri-dish elite who had grown up oblivious to society. But it was too bitter to laugh at and be done with. It was too vivid to forget. And to throw away, it was much too heavy.

(vol 3, ch 4)

Nezumi is used to dealing with admirers of Eve and he has no problem using and disposing of those people, but he risks his own life to rescue Shion from No. 6, he lets Shion sleep with him in his bed, he dances with Shion for no reason other than to dance, he takes a fucking bullet for him. He loves Shion. He can’t force himself to not care, the feelings are too strong to ignore. He loves Shion, he just doesn’t know what to do with the feeling. 

Nezumi is a very selfish creature. He has reason to be, it’s what keeps him alive. Nezumi selfishly and viciously clings to life so he can realize his dream of exacting revenge, and once he’s fulfilled this obligation to his dead he can (he believes) finally be free from all the pain in his past.

But Nezumi would rather die than have Shion kill for his sake:

"Shion! Stop―stop, please―" Nezumi pounced on him from behind. "Stop, I’m begging you. Shion."


"I want you to stay as you are, Shion."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"The Shion I know would never commit a sin. Never." Fight it, Nezumi murmured. “I want you to fight with yourself.”

It was a plea. His tone was strained and imploring. Wasn’t this the tone of voice that Nezumi himself despised the most?

(vol 5, ch 4)


It was then that Nezumi was finally able to stand. Blood streamed from his shoulder and leg, but he felt no pain.

He had to stand up. He had to grab Shion’s arm. He had to stop him.

(vol 7, ch 4)

Nezumi values Shion more than he values his own life. And not just Shion’s life - he values Shion as he is as a person, as the boy with the open window in the midst of the storm. It’s not that Nezumi doesn’t value his own life, because he clearly does, he’s motivated by fear and revenge and an unrelenting drive for survival at all costs. But Shion is more important than that, more important even than the revenge Nezumi has lived for for twelve years. If that’s not love, what the hell is?

At the end of the series, Nezumi is given the option to let No. 6 burn. Had he chosen to do nothing, the city he so hated would have fallen - he would have been victorious in his quest for vengeance, he would have achieved the goal he has centered his entire life around.

But in the half of a year that Nezumi and Shion lived together, Shion forced Nezumi to change his entire perception of who he is and how he relates to other people, and Nezumi chooses instead to stand by Shion’s side and plead with Elyurias to spare No. 6

because he trusts Shion

and he believes that Shion will prevent the city from ever becoming a monster again. He’s seen the darkest side of Shion - he’s seen Shion strangling someone, he’s seen Shion kill a man, he’s seen Shion lashing out at him in his grief for Safu - and still he trusts the goodness in his heart.

"Humans are capable of both upholding ideals and succumbing to corruption. There are those who cling onto their power, and there are those who are pushed along by the majority. But there are those who uphold their ideals, live for others, and continue to fight against their own foolishness, deceit, and arrogance. Elyurias, hear our plea. Believe in us, just once more."

Is that what you wish for yourself, Singer?

Nezumi gave a slight nod.

As one of the Forest People, you will believe in the residents of No. 6?

"I won’t believe the people of No. 6. The only one I believe is him."

(vol 9, ch 4)

No. 6 was literally spared complete apocalyptic destruction because of how much Nezumi and Shion love each other. What the fuck has YOUR otp done for their city-state?

And even being a dumbass and wandering alone in the wasteland, even as Nezumi is trying (and failing) to distance himself from Shion, his feelings and convictions don’t fade:

“And you also believe in him.”

I do believe in him. Nothing in the world would be worth believing if I couldn’t believe in Shion. I believe in him.

(Beyond, ch 4)

Even alone and miles away from civilization, six months out of No. 6, as he’s trying desperately to tell himself Shion is a person of his past - so Shion can’t affect him anymore, so he can be free from his past and all the hurt there, so Nezumi will stop feeling this - Nezumi is actively thinking about what Shion would want him to do:

Nezumi touched the knife attached to his belt. Maybe if I finish this man off here… if I finish him off, I would nip a bud that would otherwise bring harm to Shion.

His fingers itched. Nezumi clasped his itching fingers.

I’ll never forgive you for harming, much less killing, someone for me.

Nezumi, don’t kill him. Don’t commit a crime for my sake.

Shion was holding his arm back and pleading with him desperately.

Nezumi, don’t kill him.

That’s right. That’s what you would say. I know you would say that and stop me. You’ve always been, and always will be, a naive do-gooder.


(Beyond, ch 4)

Nezumi and Shion mutually inspire one another to live. In their half a year living together, they rewrite their perceptions of themselves and the world. They alter their reasons for living. They open their eyes and hearts to the world outside of themselves. And they fall in love.

To deny the (gay, romantic) relationship between Nezumi and Shion is to disregard the backbone of the entire narrative, the ultimate driver of the plot, the element that is both the driving conflict and eventually its own resolution. They’re in love. That’s that.

"Like I said before, on that stormy night, you threw open the window and welcomed me in. It was a real miracle. To me, you were more of a miracle than the Forest God ever was. I felt like I was being told to live―to live on, not give up…. If you hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have been able to survive that night. Shion, you―only you―were the one who saved me. This time, too."

(vol 9, ch 4)

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exactly ugh xmfc was just….messy. and this is. these are REAL issues i have with DOFP, this ableism, and the things you’ve listed in this ask, not pietros outfit. that should be the least of ppls worries

the movie looks like a narrative mess and now we get to add a problematic mess to I mean already annoyed they made this storyline mainly about wolverine/charles/erik instead of kitty lol fox man 

pietro’s outfit is something we mock when we’re not feeling trembling disappointment over the fact this movie will be a mess



Also, can anyone tell me what shoes Steve was wearing? I LOOOOVE how his laces were undone! 

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I thought so!  Like isn’t it bad enough that FC ended with near all the minority characters on the “bad” team and while the good dudes were majority straight white able bodied dudes?  like they had one person on their team, charles, who didn’t fit the bill and they ~magically~ give him back his legs cause??????? like I can’t blame all the problematic CRAP that was FC on BS cause that wasn’t his movie but god damn this is what you go with bro?  THIS??  

thanos is like the ultimate nice guy 


Male Superheroes in Female Superhero Poses.


Batman [Amazing Spider-man #601] by Axel Medellin


Joker [Suicide Squad #1] by Paul Hostetler


Spider-man [Catwoman #1] by Derek Langille


Batman/Spider-man [Catwoman/Vampirella] by Sean McFarland


Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake [Birds of Prey #79] by Mathieu Parent

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